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Improving the availability of inclusive mental health
services for all residents in Clay, Platte and Ray counties.

Clay, Platte, Ray Juvenile and Family Courts

Court locations are in courthouse/juvenile justice centers for Clay, Platte and Ray counties, with individual counseling, therapy and other services throughout the three-county area.

The Clay County, Platte County and Ray County Juvenile Courts offer a wide variety of services and programs to children and families within our communities.

The courts offer both formal and informal supervision, parenting classes, anger management, community service and restitution services.

These courts also offer victim outreach and diversion programs for non-violent offenders. The juvenile courts work very closely with Tri-County Mental Health to ensure wraparound services are provided to support children with mental health needs in the community. These services include, but are not limited to, therapy, psychiatry and in-home case management.

Regular systems of care meetings are an essential component utilized to bring the courts, schools and mental health providers together to coordinate a care plan with the family.

When all community-based programs are exhausted and the team determines further treatment is necessary, the courts are able to access residential care through a funding grant provided by the Clay, Platte, Ray Mental Health Board of Trustees. The Board has funded this treatment project for 19 years and has provided residential care to 273 children to date.

The Clay, Platte, Ray Mental Health Board of Trustees
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