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Improving the availability of inclusive mental health
services for all residents in Clay, Platte and Ray counties.

Treatment Courts of
Clay, Platte and Ray Counties

Court locations are in courthouse/justice centers for Clay, Platte and Ray counties, with individual counseling, therapy and other services throughout the three-county area.

Since July of 2003, the State of Missouri Office of State Court Administrators (OSCA) has approved Tri-County Mental Health Services as the certified substance use treatment provider to serve at the request of the Clay, Platte, or Ray County Drug Courts.

The Treatment Court Program of Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc. serves certain non-violent offenders who have problems with substance use.

Eligible treatment court candidates include those men and women involved in the justice system at the pre-conviction and/or post-conviction stages, including those who have been charged with or convicted of misdemeanor or felony offenses; whose offenses are non-violent and do not include drug trafficking or distribution solely for profit; and who have been positively screened, tested, and assessed for addictive disorders. In this blending of justice, treatment, and social service systems, the treatment court participant undergoes an intensive regimen of substance use treatment, case management, drug testing, supervision and monitoring, and immediate sanctions and incentives while regularly reporting to the local court.

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