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Free Webinar on Teen Depression

A video of a recent webinar on Teen Depression is available for free.

When adults are trained to recognize teen depression and intervene with effective techniques, teens with depression tend to have better outcomes. This webinar provides an overview of what teen depression is; communication strategies for teens and parents; treatment options; where to get help; and what to do if help is refused. If you are worried about a teen, new to the topic, proactively seeking education, or in need of a refresher on teen depression, this webinar is for you

The video will help you learn how to:

• Recognize signs of depression in your teenagers

• Communicate effectively with your teens about your concerns

• Get your teens the care they need.

This information is for Parents and Other Caregivers, Youth Workers, and Caring Adults Interested in Teen Mental Health.

The webinar is sponsored by Families for Depression Awareness, a national nonprofit organization helping families recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides.

The 76-minute video "Families for Depression Awareness" is available at this link.

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