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Sept. 1 Institute Topic: Prevention and Intervention

Are you wondering how the U.S. can better address the growing mental health and suicide crises for our children and youth?

A mounting body of research increasingly suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic is more harmful on the emotional health of children and adolescents. They were already under distress before the pandemic and have not yet had enough experience to build up the resiliency skills that adults have built over time. Some states and schools have paired up with local community agencies to help address signs of mental illness in youth earlier.

Join MHA’s National Policy Institute: Moving Upstream Prevention and Early Intervention on Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 11 a.m. to learn about changes across the country that are facilitating increased student access to mental health education and services, other health system changes benefitting both children and adults, and where to go from here.

Register at this link for this three-hour virtual meeting. You may also view the full agenda at this link.

Topics will include

  • Recommended policy changes to overcome disparities faced by underserved populations: mothers, black and brown youth, and LGBTQ+ youth;
  • Trends in MHA's real-time screening data across key demographics;
  • Why prevention is worth the upfront investment;
  • Innovative school-based mental health programs; and
  • Key recommendations overcome workforce homogeneity and financing challenges.

Please note, participants must use the same email address as was registered to access the live event stream on Sept. 1. Any non-registered email addresses will not have access to participate.

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