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Holiday Blues: They’re Real and They're Potentially Serious

What people call “The Holiday Blues” or seasonal depression can be very real, and a serious mental health issue.

The label “Holiday Blues” can include a number of separate issues. Many people are impacted by shorter days, colder weather and other factors that occur this time of year. Stresses as “simple” as selecting gifts or being reminded of a lost loved one are also factors.

Sometimes the issue is temporary, although that can still include serious repercussions. In others, it may be part of a longer-term depression.

The National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers a number of resources that can help. One involves “Tips for Managing The Holiday Blues." The article also includes a link to video information from NAMI.

For many, first steps should include getting outside and, if weather permits, into the sunlight. Finding ways to be with other people can also help. For others, setting realistic expectations are a key. For serious or lasting depression, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. He or she may have some surprisingly simple information that helps!

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