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Mental Health During Virus Quarantine

Mental Health Mid-America recently offered some helpful information for dealing with the stress, anxiety and other possible issues during the coronavirus era:

No matter what our "routine" day or week used to look like, it looks very different now and for the foreseeable future. All of us are being challenged physically, financially, and emotionally. Knowing that everyone's situation is different, we want to link you to a variety of options to keep your mental health as positive as possible.

30 Fun Things You Can Do If You’re Under Self-Isolation (Part 1)

30 Fun Things You Can Do If You’re Under Self-Isolation (Part 2)

• Creating "Community" by Encouraging Mental Health Awareness and Kindness, a new blog by MHA President/CEO Sue King.

Want to monitor your mental health during this trying time? Use our free, online, confidential and science-based mental health screening surveys.

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