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Royalty and “Royalty” Share Views on Mental Health

The future King of England and one of the world’s most popular music stars recently shared their experiences with mental illness.

Prince William and Lady Gaga shared their views on a well publicized Facebook call that was initially shared on the British royalty’s Facebook page.

While much of their dialog will not be new to those with a mental illness or those who serve them, many labeled the conversation as another important step in the elimination of stigma surrounding mental illness. As Prince William noted, “…It’s important to talk about this and share your feelings with others.”

Both Lady Gaga and Prince William were frank in their discussions. Gaga recently discussed her difficulties with posttraumatic stress syndrome that resulted from sexual assault when she was 19. Both Prince William and his brother Prince Harry have recently discussed the impact of the early death of their mother, Princess Diana.

While the dialogue was widely shared, a good source is NBC’s Today online. The full article and video are here.

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